Wednesday, March, 16th 2016, 7 to 9:30 pm


The Science of Peace and Joy

Introduction into the Kriya Yoga teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda

We all want to experience lasting satisfaction and perfection, but is it really possible? Or are such desires and longings merely an escapist’s approach to the hard realities of human existence?


In this talk you will get to know the most important principles of scientific yoga meditation which will enable you to experience a deep fulfillment in your own life. Interested?


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The picture shows the audience at one of Paramhansa Yogananda's first series of Lectures in the West, at the Philharmonic Auditorium in Los Angeles, 1925. His renown book "Autobiography of a Yogi"  has been translated into over 40 languages.

Our guests are Br. Simone and Br. Francesco who have been serving as monks of Self-Realization Fellowship for many years. They regularly give Yoga classes and talks all over the world.


6.15 pm    doors open

7 pm

  • Meditation: The science of peace and joy

    Welcome and Introduction to the Kriya-Yoga teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda

  • Guided meditation
  • Worldwide Prayer Circle
  • Introduction of the Autobiography of a yogi

~ 8:30 Uhr - 9:30 pm

  • Get together: meet the monks and members of the Berlin Meditation Group

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